Lackhs of rupees are spent  by the rich class of today in decorating independent rooms for their children. Parents have the wish that their children be always  happy. But from the point of Feng Shui, they do not  realize how these changes can make the children’s rooms into the least favourable ones. While renovating the children room the following points should be borne in mind.

1. People have a tendency to use dark or exciting colours. Many interior designers feel that flashy colours like orange, red, darkgreen, etc will help to brighten the room and the children too will not be lax. Their minds could develop better. It is true that every colour has its function; some advantages and some disadvantages. But the use of too much of a thing can create imbalance. According to Feng Shui, all the five elements should be balanced optimally in this area as the room should be encouraging and inspiring through the energies of a certain colour. A child who spends 8 -10 hours in the room should be carefully natured. There is the likelihood of a child becoming hyperactive or disinterested. As it is children are full of activity and mischief. How we channelize this energy is the main question. The results of such unthoughtful renovations is that by the time a child reaches 8th standard in school, he or she becomes very stubborn. There is an air of defiance. This may not be so in every child’s case but it could happen. It is always better  to be prepared for the worst.

1. First, consult an expert of Feng Shui to know the element of your child. This is done after knowing the date and the year of birth. Accordingly the choice of colours will be determined. This is very important as it is a starting point of your plan of renovation.

2. Choice of wrong colours can make the children fall sick and you will probably land up paying hefty medical bills. This means that there is a drain in your prosperity.

3. The placement of children’s beds often is a source of problem. Improper placement can restrain the overall development of children. There is a possibility of a child becoming a loner, having strong likes or dislikes, showing general disinterest, etc.  ( illust. 35) In such cases, it may reflect in the following :

i) Children  may choose only a certain kind of food.

ii) Some may develop only sports skills and academics will take a back seat.

iii) Some  may become introverts or book worms but not really intellectuals.

iv) Some children may grow up with only a sharp business sense but fail as far as family relations go.

v) Some may avoid spending time at home and roam around.



In the rat-race for higher percentage, today’s children carry a heavy burden of studies. In this context, the position of study tables becomes of paramount  importance. The following mistakes may occur due to faulty designs :

1) The chair may of unsuitable height and the user has to dangle his legs while studying. This is not only uncomfortable but keeps the child away from the ground.

2) Many designers place a soft – board paneling in front of the desk. Blank soft – board paneling creates a block in the future development of  a child.

3) A storage shelf is made above the table. This contains books etc. which are a virtual accumulation of energy. If a child studies under this, he is  inadvertently carrying a burden on his head. A child studying at such a table will experience mental fatigue and may fail to cope up with his routine studies and curriculum. ( illust.35)

Some simple cures to counteract the negative energies are as follows.

1) If a storage shelf or book shelf is made above the study table, remove it forthwith.

2) If  it is not possible to remove it, reduce the depth to about 12 inches.

3) Soft board paneling should be removed. Donot let the child face a blank wall, either keep an inspiring  picture or a poster which will definitely make a change for the better.



1. Avoid posters of wild animals or filmstars.

2. Placing fresh flowers in a vase will attract good energy.

3. In front of a bed or a study table to not place mirrors; smoky or coloured mirrors.

4. Avoid stained glass or cut-glass items in furniture.

5. A Feng Shui expert can, with the help of the date of birth, work out the favourable direction which a child should face while studying.

6. An expert can guide the right corner for a child’s room. Do not ignore this important aspect as the future of your child is too precious to be risked !






Directions offered by VK
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