You all must be familiar with the saying “Putrana Lakshan paranam” meaning that we know the nature of the child while he is still in the cradle. It hits the nail on its head. In Feng Shui, too the same meaning can be aptly applied because Feng Shui is a symbolic science. Your main door reveals a lot of the ‘inside’ story ! Hence, It is important to take into consideration, the main door of your house while applying the principles of Feng Shui.

1) It is best to have a single door at the entrance.

In case, it is divided, it is better to have two pieces of equal length and width. Many a time people keep  one door closed and one opening is used for exit or entrance. Your factory door or office door or even at home, the main door should open fully. Opening only a little bit of the door restricts the flow of auspicious energy. In other words, you are ignoring the opportunities which are coming your way.

2) It is a common sight to see dustbins or garbage cans outside the main door. The positive energy which floats near your main door will surely be converted into a negative force with the garbage bin outside your main door.

3) Near the main door of residence, across the width, it is ideal to have ‘Umbra’, threshold. It acts like a ‘Lakshman Rekha’ or a ‘line of control’. It stops  the good energies like prosperity from going out of your house and prevents evil energies from entering your house. Most Indian households have this wooden strip across the doorway and that is a good tradition which we should uphold.

4) Many main doors hang loosely on their rusty hinges. This should be corrected forthwith. The door should be at 90 degrees to the four sides. The door frame should not be slanting i.e. or it should be upright at 90 degrees to ground level.

5) A ruler of 42.96 cm is used for making various types of furniture. We usually use a 12 inch ruler. The  experts have divided this measure of 42.96 cm into 32 parts and each part’s dimension can give different results. A deeper reaserch into this science shows  that correcting the measurement of your main door gives you surprising results.

In the Royal palaces this scale has been applied while designing furniture and other items of craft. The perfect measurement helps to activate  positive energy. Hence, the issue of the scale has attracted the attention of many Feng Shui experts.

6) There is a trend among modern interior designers to use geometrical patterns and motifs on the main door.  it is seen that designs in Laminates or glass etching are common. These designs may give rise to contradiction within the house and disturb the congeniality of the home. Hence, these should be considered as unsuitable.

7) Forms symbolizing arrows, triangles indicate the fire element. If at the main door itself, this element is suggested, it can create problems for the occupants of the house. One should not also have fragmented designs on the door. A pyramid shape indicates fire element. 

8) Many doors have huge stone designs around them. These should be considered as a huge obstacles in your path towards progress. Stones indicate opposition. On one of my visits to a client I noticed that his office name was etched on an acrylic block resembling a stone of irregular shape. That was the reason he was facing a lot of problems in his office. The name plate was replaced by a simple one and within a week, the gentleman received a big business order.

9) It has been noticed that many main doors are without handles and some of them have broken handles or loose, hanging handles. A handle shows ‘holding’ that is the situation is under your control. Loose, broken handles show that circumstances can get out of your hand and you could lose control over the situation. About 30% of your problems could be set right by fixing the right kind of handle. I have used this as a simple cure and found very encouraging results. A small thing like setting a proper handle goes a long way.

10) Special care must be taken while selecting a colour for your main door.  It is always better to consult a Feng Shui expert whether you are going to use veneer, laminate, varnish or oil paint for that matter. A Feng Shui expert will be anle to decide the flow of energy, the ways to balance it and the lucky colour shade for you. The colour should be  conducive to the energy present. Further, if adding any designs it is better to consult an expert. Various designs represents different elements. Let me give you an example. A man’s business was doing fine till he painted his main door in white shade. By someone’s suggestion he painted his door to an ivory shade. Suddenly, he experience pitfalls in business. He repainted his door to the original white colour and he saw the difference for the better. Hence the significance of colour in Feng Shui can not be underestimated.

11) It is our practice to paste stickers, pictures or clay images on the main door. We forget to remove  dried flowers which lie there for days on end. Dust accumulates on the images. Such a neglect on our part will definitely not make the God happy and you will be disappointed in your business or career. It is advisable  to remove broken tiles of Gods, torn stickers etc. from the main door. A clean main door area invites good energy.

12) We find that door stoppers on the main door are half broken or some hinges are missing, nails or screws have fallen off. At times the door level is ill-fitting. One has to make an effort to open or shut the door. These are indicative of the troubles you are facing. Correct the alignment and level of the main door and see that it opens and closes smoothly. Small corrections but the difference it makes in your life is big indeed.

13) I have talked about the proper position of the Goddess Lakshmi in the earlier chapter, I find that people paste Lakshmi’s picture or stickers on the main door with  her back to the house of office. How can you reap any benefits when the Goddess is turning  away from your premises? Removal of these wrongly placed pictures have resulted in promising changes during the course of my consultancy.

14. Like posters, we find couplets in the form of  stickers. They seem like words of wisdom. On one of  the doors I found the words “Peace and Mercy”. In that house, I found  peace very elusive and people lived at someone’s mercy. It is better to discard such wordings. When I asked the residents to get rid of the sticker, they found that the tide had turned in their favour.

From the above examples you can see how important it is to have a proper main door. It is good to keep the following points in mind :

a) Proper name plate

b) Apartment number

c) Proper handle

d) Good hinges

e) colours and designs which favour positive energy. In most cases, I have removed these awkward designs and introduced simple changes and the residents have found a favourable change. Remember, the main door is a pointer to your home, the relationship among people and also to an overall prosperity. Do not delay any corrections to the main door. A few small but important changes can change your life !


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