1) A heap of clothes belonging  to a person, which are lying unused for two or more years. Old office files which have ceased to have value, stationery including visiting cards, envelopes, etc. which are unused can be termed as ‘ clutter’.

2) Women’s clothes including saris, dresses which have not been used for over two years. Old utensils, gadgets like toaster, mixers which are not in a working condition amount to “clutter”.

 3) Broken toys of children, old clothes, school bags stored in the attic for years, torn books etc. form a part of ‘clutter’.

 4) Clutter also includes medicine bottles, tables which have crossed the expiry date.

 5) Old books, magazines, pictures, clipping which are of no use in the future also can be called clutter.6) Electrical or mechanical appliances which have been unused  or broken or are beyond repair also could come under this category.

 7) Empty bottles, stacks of plastic containers, empty oil containers too need to be removed.

 8) Used perfume bottles, worn out shoes, sandals etc. which have long ceased to be in use could be discarded as clutter.

This list is unending. We all store unnecessary things in the belief that it may be of use at a certain later date.The piles accumulate and the house is full of clutter. This constitutes about 30% of the influence on your luck! If these unwanted items are disposed  off, you can immediately see a positive difference.

As a sequel to this, you may ask how the cleaning of clutter is linked to Feng Shui? The answer is that clutter blocks the free of positive energy in the  house. Just like you open the window to let out stale air and allow fresh air to circulate, you must clear the house of clutter to get rid of stagnant energy in the house.

According to the ‘Ba-Gua’, whichever corner is blocked by clutter, the energy flow is blocked and its repercussions are  evident very quickly in your day to day life. Clutter in, say your health corner, will have a negative effect on your physical well being. If energy in your wealth corner is blocked, it will affect your prosperity.

Hence the first step towards applying Feng Shui is to clear your home and office of ‘Clutter’ which may have accumulated over several years. It will be like removing grime and the real, good surface below it will begin to shine.

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