First impressions are lasting impressions. Hence the living room of your home or the reception foyer of your office are the main impression makers. It therefore becomes an important segment which can bring you good luck. Let us first look at the arrangements in living room.

1) On an average a person spends 4-5 hours a day in this area. On a holiday the time is doubled. You watch TV, talk on the phone, receive guests – all in this room. In a  reception area of an office, you receive  prospective business associates  here. Therefore it is  important to consult a Feng Shui expert to organize this area fruitfully. An expert would take into account  your date and year of birth, your favourable element, your favourable colour combination and direction to work out a proper arrangement.

For business growth in your office or for all-round peace, happiness and prosperity in your house, it is imperative to balance all the five elements (fire, water, earth, wood and metal) properly. As a matter of fact your whole office premises should be carefully balanced but the reception area must receive priority.

This is so in a residential apartment or bunglow too. It needs its due emphasis.

2. At times half-baked knowledge of this great science of Feng Shui works against a person. In the living room one finds a mirror opposite the main door. This sends back the good energy which could otherwise have entered your house. It denotes that prospective prosperity is thrown back or denied admission to your house!

3. Shoe-racks, furniture, wall units  right at the entrance of the living room shows that you are creating obstacles in the free flowing of energy.

4. A window immediately facing the main door drive the energy out quickly. If possible keep this shut. If this cannot be carried out, take the help of net or lace curtains.

5. These days decorative waterfalls are available in the market. Many people make the blunder of keeping these units in front of the main door and also keep Kalshmi’s picture there. If this is done, the goddess will certainly find her way our of your house rather quickly.

6. A chandelier made of cut-glass can be hung in the living room and every evening it should be lit for at least a couple  of hours. This will help the blocked energy to start traveling. It is advisable to  consult an expert about the chandelier to judge whether the energy present there is favourable or not.

7. Without knowing the balance of elements in your living room, do not place any heavy metal objects or statues.

8. The same elemental principle applies as far as earthen pots or ceramic pots are concerned.

9. Sharp weapons like swords, daggers, etc. displayed on the walls of living room are unfavourable.

10. Pictures showing fights ( bull – fights), wars etc. are harmful if hung.

11. It is a general belief that fish-tanks ( water element) are a symbol of wealth, True. But without knowing its correct position, a wrongly placed fish-tank or water fall would drain out your wealth.

12. As far as possible do not hang postal bags, shoe bags or racks, calendars showing various deities behind the main door.

13. Mirror placement is very tricky. Sometimes to give a bigger, expanded effect, people make use of mirrored walls, smoky mirrors too are dangerous. If you need  to hang mirrors, do not do so without an example advice.

14. When you are not watching TV., keep the screen covered.

15. Dark, dingy, badly – lit living rooms are very depressing. Take care to see that there is plenty of natural light in the living room.

16. Strains of good, soft or light music accompanied by fresh flower placements or the scent of incense  sticks attract auspicious energy.

17. Since a lot of outsiders also step into your living room or in the reception room, it is advisable  to mop the floor with salt water at least once a week.

18. Take care to see that, your sofa set, or any other sitting arrangement is not under a beam.

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