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PROSPERITYIN is an enterprise managed by Vijay Karia. Its goal is to enable people to live life 200%. Most feel that material wealth and spiritualism are adverse to each other and find life rather imbalanced.The common belief is that there cannot be a fulfillment of these two diverse fields. Vijay Karia who has been a consultant for the past 10 years feels otherwise. Vijay Karia, with his wealth of knowledge of various sciences and most important, his clairvoyant ability to connect to the Supreme Consciousness, has been successfully counselling business houses, factories, individuals and institutions in India and abroad. His solutions are simple and affordable and hence his well wishers and clients have given him the sobriquet "THE PRACTICALIST".

Wealth Empire, Jewel Elegance, Beauty Pearl and Cosmic Touch, are the four companies managed by PROSPERITYIN. Various aspects of life which need to be tackled in a more holistic manner rather than taking only superficial aspects to achieve the desired goal have been elaborated. His advice is based on finding solutions that remove the root cause of a problem rather than suppressing the same.

Vijay Karia, having an amazing back-up of academic knowledge and practical experience offers simple solutions to your problems. There are times when all your sincere efforts at gaining prosperity, harmony at home or at work place reach a dead end and even your invoking divine intervention does not pull you out of the quagmire. This is the time you need guidance to help you choose the right solutions. But do you really need to wait till you reach the dead end? Why not tackle the problems before they get too complicated? Vijay Karia shows the way!

Combining his expertise of astrology, vastu shastra, feng shui, reiki and other cosmic paths, Vijay Karia can instantly connect with the universal energy through deep meditation and detect the root of the problem. There may be hidden causes which a person may not see on the surface but these problems relating to relationships, loss in business, etc. could grow and the situation would worsen. Vijay Karia has been a consultant to several business houses in India and abroad and his solutions do not involve a complete make-over of your factory, shop or home. Within a short time his advice shows positive results as has been noticed in the past.

The following are a few of the compliments that our clients and our well wishers have expressed about Vijay Karia and his expertise.

The Practicalist.
The precious gift of god.
Enhancer of BEAUTY and PROSPERITY where ever he enters.
One step ahead to the solutions for achieving prosperity.
Revealing the secrets of universal consciousness.
Disclosing the science beyond science.
Coming out with the techniques of listening to the language of silence.
Simplifying the merging of "SELF" with "THE SELF"-"ATMA" to "PARAM ATMA"-GOD.
Teaching the suspense of increasing beauty.
Showing the ancient ways of releasing the Karmic factors.
Guidelines for rebalancing the energy of body and your premises.
Opening the door of "FINTE TO INFINITE".
Simple solutions for the hardest difficulties.
Following the "RHYTHM" of "THE RHYTHM" of universe.
Collecting and applying  the wisdom of elders.
Spreading the fragrances of the Indian Masters.
Scientific approach to remove "THE VASTU DOSHA".
Multidimensional individual.


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